Snow boots

​Winter jacket (thick coat) & snow pants OR snowsuit 

2 hats

​2 pair of water proof gloves

Our water-resistant glove recommendations for Winter

*Click the links below!



Snow Stoppers

Head Jr.

​​Our water-resistant glove recommendations for mud play

Reima Puro Knit Lined Rain Mit

Reima Puro Waterproof Unlined Rain Mit

​​Our snow suit recommendation

Toddler Snowsuit from Target

Our hat and scarf recommendation



Sun hat

Sunscreen (if you choose to provide your own)

Water bottle

Bathing suit

Small towel 

Water safe shoes

School "Supply" List

When in doubt, dress to make a mess!

Fall & Spring:

Rain boots and a rain suit are important to keep the children dry and warm during the hours we will spend outside.

​Above & Beyond Child Care and Education Center​​​

Year round:

*Please consider tight clothes, snaps, buttons & laces that children may become frustrated with when learning to dress and undress. 

Nap items: blanket, pillow, stuffed animal


​Rain suit

Rain boots

Our Rain Suit Recommendations

*Click the links below!

Muddy Buddy by Tuffo: More affordable option, usually the zippers break after a few years but children grow out of them and need a new  one every other year or so. Buying a size up is helpful to allow your child to grow into the suit!

Oaki: Thicker material for the children who play rough, a little more expensive, lasts longer than the Tuffo brand but children grow out of them and need a new one every other year or so.