Our toddler classroom enrolls twelve children that are developmentally ready for the challenges of the classroom learning beside our three toddler teachers. In developing autonomy, our children have sinks at their level, an atelier (art space) for self selection of materials, and a toddler playground designed for their unique development. Following the Reggio philosophy we build on the children's interests to reach all developmental goals and academic skill building. The toddler classroom continues to build upon the social/emotional skills foundation set from the earlier classrooms. 


Our multi-age preschool classroom is set up for seventeen kids ages three and four alongside three teachers. Our Reggio philosophy is still 100% supported with learning documentation of short term experiences and long term projects. Problem solving skills through the six steps of the High Scope Problem Solving continue to be supported for the important life skill. Children continue to learn through play being supported to reach all their academic and social emotional development to be prepared for our kindergarten prep/PreK classroom and beyond.