Above & Beyond takes great pride in how our building is designed and the policies created to ensure that your child's safety is our number one concern. 

Our school features a state of the art security system including two sets of security doors with fingerprint entry and surveillance cameras on site. ‚ÄčAbove & Beyond was designed to include safe sight lines and supervision of the children at all times. The playgrounds are designed to be developmentally appropriate for each age group to meet their individual safety needs. They also provide the appropriate challenges to help meet developmental goals. All staff at Above & Beyond are trained in CPR and First Aid and prepared to use their skills if necessary. The staff are also trained on all emergency procedures for any situation we could potentially face. 

We exceed all licensing safety requirements and are committed to  reviewing and revising policies, ensuring the safest environment for our children.

All children in the building are up to date on immunizations.

Our staff constantly sanitize the classrooms utilizing the 3 Step Cleaning process to prevent the spread of germs. To aid in germ prevention, all staff are continuously washing their hands and helping the children do the same. Each night the cleaning company assists with disinfecting the school in addition to our daily cleaning routines.